We’re growing a world-class

precision medicine industry

What we do

We’re growing a world-class precision medicine industry and securing Australia’s supply of advanced radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and therapy.

Theranostics is precision medicine at the molecular level, combining imaging diagnostics with therapeutic drugs to detect and treat cancer and other diseases.

To meet domestic and global demand, the Australian Precision Medicine Enterprise (APME) combines theranostics R&D, clinical trials and manufacturing in one world-class facility.

Our Aims

We’re working with government, research and industry to:

  • Advance diagnoses and treatments for cancer and other diseases
  • Build a globally competitive Australian manufacturing hub
  • Secure Australia’s supply of critical radiopharmaceuticals
  • Attract and train scientists and engineers for the Australian workforce


Our state-of-the-art 30 MeV & 18-24 MeV cyclotrons and GMP-compliant radiochemistry facilities and services will be accessible to students, scientists, clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies from Australia and around the world.


Who we are

APME is a collaboration between Global Medical Solutions Australia, Monash University and Telix Pharmaceuticals.

APME will be located at Monash University’s Innovation Precinct in Melbourne, Australia, and operated by Global Medical Solutions Australia.